Circle point

Hi there,

I would like to tell you about my first game that was finally released and is up in Play Store for about two weeks. I had some hard work to do because start and motivation is the hardest thing to do. But on the other hand – once you started you will find the power (or you will not) to do more and more. Just find the power to do this first something (and keep it raised all the time).

So what’s in my case this start you are asking? The start is an Android game that I called it Circle point. As many of you said it is hard to understand how to play Circle point. So let’s explain quickly what we are talking about here. Imagine you have a simple circle that increases and decreases continuously, right? (it is actually your life with ups and downs) Now imagine that you have to collect some points (maybe your dreams) using this circle when the points are on your circumference. Did you imagined that? Well, that’s pretty it. The points just appear at random and you have to collect them. Four simple rules and we’re done. We have our first game.

There is really not much to talk about this game. I worked around three weeks and I can’t talk much about that. We are trying to do what we like. Just kidding – we are waiting every second to do what we like because most of the time we do what we have to do. Let’s summarize quickly. You start a faculty – why? Because you want someday to do something great and you need a foundation. Then you finish you faculty and you’re saying – all right, now that I am here let’s start to do some work because we need some money for doing this “great thing”. Then you start working, you start struggling with other’s problems and you find out that it will be great to buy some things (materials) because you deserve it, because you’re struggling for this other’s dreams and you need some consolation. And this way my friend you forget about your dreams. You forget that once you said that you are going to do something great. Why? I will not tell you why, or even where you were wrong, because I’m not in force to tell you this. I just know that at some point you may start to go into a wrong direction. And I hope that I am not the only one in this case because otherwise I’m just a failure. What’s important is that you’ll wake up someday and you’ll say – I’m done!

I bet everyone had this feeling of postponing something – let’s wait a little bit more, it’s not the time… Well, I’ll tell you something. There will be no perfect time. You either do it now or never!

Now let’s go back to our game. I don’t want to say that my dream was to make a game and nor explain in words what is my dream, it is just a feeling. A feeling that says to live in a way that I’m constructed to live. A road that gives me enough air to breathe.

So yeah, Circle point! An infinitesimal particle but still a start.

Go ahead and play it to see how simple is that game, and after that quit it. Because this game is not big deal. Yeah, I know, maybe for you. At least don’t do this with your dreams. Don’t quit them and catch them as long as they can be caught 😉

Now I’ll enter the game again and again. Why? Because it reminds me something!


Author: luncasuvictor

I am an algorithms enthusiast.

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