My name is Victor, I was born perfect and since then I’m trying to remain that way. Life is changing us and not every time in a good way. As time passes we are waking up from a quick run for something, something that we don’t follow anymore and we can’t find the point for doing this – but we continue to run.

As more time passes we can’t distinguish between what we like, what we don’t but someone does and so we think that this is normal for us to do as well. So I don’t know what exactly to tell you about me, because it’s relative to the point in life in which I should talk about. Of course you will say that present is most important, and because you feel that way today, that’s who you are. But don’t forget that you are a result of past actions. What influenced you yesterday is you today. And therefore let me ask you something – did you accepted yesterday as being really you?

So of course I can tell you something about me in this context.

  • I’m an Informatician and I like algorithms
  • I do find myself playing chess randomly
  • I still dream big (though the desire is very blurry)
  • I know that I enjoy reading because when I read I feel big pleasure and though I don’t read much
  • I like music and once I liked poetry (I even wrote some when I was in primary school)
  • Sometime I doubt of random things

Roger H. Lincoln said:

There are two rules for success: 1. Never tell everything you know.